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Cyber Essentials Charity Campaign

IASME is working closely with the NCSC to educate charities about the cyber threat they face and inform them about the benefits of Cyber Essentials.

In partnership with selected Certification Bodies around the UK and Crown Dependencies, IASME will be offering free support and guidance as well as a discount to the price of certification to help you achieve Cyber Essentials.

Charities are sitting on a data treasure trove. Valuable information on beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers as well as invoice and payment details can be sold by cyber criminals and used to identify other targets.

In the present digital, post-COVID age, trust and cyber security are interwoven. By achieving Cyber Essentials, a charity can demonstrate commitment to cyber security and protection of customer data.

6th-17th November is Charity Cyber Essentials Awareness Fortnight – charities must apply within this time to receive the discount.

If you need help getting started on your Cyber Essentials journey you can access the free Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool, developed on behalf of the NCSC by IASME.

The Readiness Tool is a free, online tool accessible in the form of a set of interactive questions on the IASME website. The process of working through the questions will inform you about your charity’s level of cyber security and what aspects you need to focus on. Based on your answers, you will be directed towards guidance written in plain English and at the end of the process, be presented with a tailored action plan and detailed guidance for your next steps towards certification.

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