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CyberBridge – accelerating innovation in cyber security

Cyber Bridge, powered by Barclays Eagle Labs and funded by UK Government, is a programme developed with CodeBase, to help address the rise of ransomware attacks.

It’s designed to help startups and established businesses to understand the different approaches to collaboration and disruptive innovation in cyber security.

Cyber Bridge brings together some of the UK’s leading corporations and promising startups to learn from each other, over seven monthly workshops.

Why join?

Innovative solutions and services are being developed all the time, but aligning thinking between large businesses and startups can be difficult.

That’s why we’re bringing together cutting-edge startups and experienced businesses to share their knowledge about successful partnerships and show how collaboration can help address the threat of ransomware attacks.

How is the programme delivered?

Through virtual seminars that bring together senior leaders from established companies and startup founders, who work on disruptive tech solutions to help defend against ransomware.

Each of the seven modules is delivered by experts and covers strategic approaches and innovation best practice. You’ll learn about:

  • The partnership journey
  • Developing and landing a proof of concept
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Lived industry experience.
Who’s it for?

The programme is designed to unite cyber security leaders from established UK businesses and innovators from startups in the UK that are working on solutions to defend against ransomware.


As a cyber security startup that offers innovative products, solutions or services to help defeat or defend against ransomware attacks, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with larger organisations and other startups.

You’ll be able to share your approach to innovation, learn how to navigate the partnership journey and find out more about how large organisations approach innovation. You’ll get deeper domain expertise, expand your networks and supply solutions, or proofs of concepts, for clients.

Established businesses

As an established business, you’ll get to share some of the organisational challenges you face and learn how to engage with disruptive innovators. You’ll be introduced to startup playbooks and new technologies, plus practices and cultures that can help transform and accelerate innovation. 

Applications close 12th April 2024, with the programme launching 25th June – find out more and apply now.

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