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DASA: Open Call for Innovation

The Open Call is looking for innovative ideas to improve the defence and/or security of the UK. Your idea could be a concept, technology or service. Our Emerging Innovations category is for less mature innovations, and our Rapid Impact category is for innovations that are more developed.

Rapid Impact Innovations are viewed as those which will deliver a technology model or prototype demonstration at around Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or 7. This demonstration should be at a limited scale, in the hands of end users, and in the context or environment in which it is expected that the solution would be used. To be successful it will also have to provide evidence of how other MOD/Security business and capability requirements, such as the Defence Lines of Development (DLOD), could be satisfied should the project to be taken forward after the pilot.

Your project should have a realistic prospect of achieving an impact within a 3 year time frame from the start of the project. Proposals will therefore only be funded if there is a strong customer requirement and capability need for the idea. Proposals could be pre-sifted from the competition prior to full assessment if user need is not explained.

No funding limit is specified, however we would typically expect to fund bids between £100K – £350K. Proposals that demonstrate value for money will be viewed favourably. Please see examples of previous funded work here.

2021/2022 Competition Dates

CycleCompetition closes at middayDecision dateFeedback released
12 June 202130 August 20216 September 2021
211 August 202115 November 202122 November 2021
320 October 202117 January 202224 January 2022
45 January 20224 April 202211 April 2022
52 March 20225 June 202212 June 2022

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