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Edinburgh City Council Export Support Grant

The Export Support Grant can provide the funding you need to design and develop new products and services to meet the needs of new or existing international markets.

Here are a few ways Export Support Grant can help you succeed faster:

  • Discover – Research international market opportunities, customers and routes to market. Access specialist international market knowledge and guidance.
  • Design – Make updates to your products and packaging to suit your target market. Incorporate translation and local market requirements into your product.
  • Develop – Manufacture prototypes for testing in market. Implement regularly requirements and carry out in market testing. Protect your Intellectual Property overseas. Make a visit to the local market for customer feedback and development.
  • Deploy – Market launch of your product/service and local launch promotion.
Preparing to Apply

The first step is check you meet the minimum criteria to apply:

  • Based in City of Edinburgh Council area
  • Are an SME
  • Looking to export for the first time or to a new territory

Once you’ve checked, you can speak to your Business Gateway Adviser and request an application form. A blank application form will be sent out to you to complete.

How much support can I get?

If successful, you will be awarded a grant for 70% of the total project costs, up to a maximum grant of £2,000.

What activities can I do?

Any design or development work related to launching new products or services for international markets, such as research, scoping, brand and packaging design work, prototyping, planning and work related to launching something new into the market. With digital services and products, we can help with wireframing, minimum viable product/service creation, user experience and customer journey planning.

What activities can’t I do?

General business activities won’t be supported. We can’t cover the cost of building a website for you to sell products. Other ineligible activities could include printing of marketing materials, capital expenditure (such as buying machinery) and the costs of manufacturing or purchasing stock. We also can’t cover any salary costs or internal costs.

Are VAT costs covered?

The grant will only cover non-VAT costs. When completing the application form, please exclude VAT from any costs.

My company is not VAT registered. Can I still apply?

Non-VAT registered businesses can only apply by exception if approval is provided by a Business Gateway Adviser. Please note, that whilst you can be approved to apply for the grant, any VAT costs need to be covered by the company and cannot be included in your grant application.

Can I apply for funding for work that has started?

The grant can only be used to cover activities which are yet to begin. Therefore, it is not possible to include activities in the application form that have already started.

What information should my suppliers me to submit with my application?

We will review your application form alongside quotations or a development proposal from the supplier(s). If the appraisers need any further information, they will contact you. Please make sure you include a detailed quote or proposal from the suppliers you plan to work with. We can’t progress without this. Please make sure your suppliers provide you with a quotation and not an invoice.

Can suppliers be sole traders?

Yes, this is possible if they are registered sole traders. A UTR number may be required.

Can my suppliers be overseas?

Yes, this isn’t a problem. We encourage applicants to source their suppliers from within the UK. However, if there are no available suppliers within the UK, you may look further afield for specialist skills and expertise.

How to Apply

Submit application and project quotations to (first come, first served).

Applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks, you will receive decision by email.

Once the funding agreement is signed and returned you can commit spend on the project. You claim your grant contribution upon project completion and submission of claim form and evidence of spend.

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