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Effini’s COO, Sam Rhynas, Recognised as the Scotland Women in Tech (SWiT) Inspirational Woman of the Year 2023

Effini, a leading data and AI solutions company based in the Bayes Centre, Edinburgh, is proud to announce that their Chief Operating Officer, Sam Rhynas, has been honoured with the prestigious Scotland Women in Tech (SWiT) Inspirational Woman of the Year award for 2023.

This accolade recognizes Sam’s outstanding contributions to the industry, her leadership in fostering diversity, and her impactful mentorship for women in the technology, data and AI sector.

Sam Rhynas, a driving force behind Effini’s success, has played a pivotal role in shaping their approach to technology and data strategy for SMEs in any sector as well as Third and Public sector clients. As Chief Operating Officer of Effini, Sam has demonstrated exceptional leadership in steering the company towards innovative solutions and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Beyond her role at Effini, Sam is known for her commitment to empowering women in the tech sector. She is the leader of Girl Geek Scotland, a community that encourages and supports women in technology. Girl Geek Scotland is dedicated to providing a platform for women to connect, collaborate, and advance their careers, whatever their role in the tech sector. Through events, workshops, and mentorship programs, Girl Geek Scotland actively works towards bridging the gender gap in the technology industry.

Additionally, Sam actively contributes to the Pydata community, running PyData Edinburgh monthly events promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the data science and analytics domain.

Her dedication to mentoring women in the tech, data, and AI community has not gone unnoticed. Sam’s guidance and advocacy have inspired numerous individuals to pursue and thrive in technology-related careers.

The Scotland Women in Tech award recognizes individuals and business who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and impact within the technology sector, and everyone who was nominated demonstrated the incredible works that focuses on the challenges in the community.

Effini continues to lead in the data and AI solutions space, leveraging its expertise to help businesses harness the power of data for informed decision-making. Leading on their Skills Hub, Sam applies the same approaches around inclusivity to create spaces for people for learn, whatever level they start from.

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