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Eurofins Digital Testing appoints Sharon Hamilton to spearhead UK-wide growth

Eurofins Digital Testing, the global leader in independent Quality Assurance, (QA), testing and cyber security for software systems and devices has appointed Sharon Hamilton UK Managing Director, to spearhead ambitious growth plans for the company’s testing, security and devices service offerings, and strengthen its position as one of the UK’s fastest growing and largest independent software testing companies.

Formerly Managing Director of Edge Testing Solutions, Sharon is now in charge of Eurofins Digital Testing’s expanding services portfolio, which includes testing of systems, security and devices across the UK.

Sharon’s new role as UK Managing Director sees her take responsibility for three businesses now operating under the umbrella brand of Eurofins Digital Testing, software testing via Edge Testing Solutions, security via cyber and information security services provider, known as Commissum, and devices testing via digital product testing services provider, formally known as Digital TV Labs.

Rather than clients sourcing three separate companies for testing software, security or devices, they now have access to all three via Eurofins Digital Testing.

An international team, including 200 testers in Bangalore, will support Eurofins Digital Testing’s portfolio and the company’s expansion plans.

Commenting on her appointment, Sharon said: “Eurofins Digital Testing has gone from strength to strength and its acquisition of Commissum in 2020 only boosted the wider testing services offer. Now, my focus will be on bringing three organisations together so we can deliver an end-to-end Quality Assurance experience to all of our customers.”

Following her appointment, Sharon has set an ambitious target of 15% growth across the UK over the next 12 months. This will be achieved through continuation of Eurofins Digital Testing’s regional sales approach with teams in Scotland, the Midlands, North West, the South East and West and a focus on key verticals such as public sector, finance, utility and retail.

Sharon continued: “With our new structure we will be able to deliver a managed service incorporating a unique blended delivery model covering onsite, offsite and offshore via our regional technology centres in the UK, and our high quality global technology centre in Bangalore.”

Sharon has over 25 years of testing experience and held software testing roles in technology companies and financial institutions. She joined Edge Testing’s Senior Management Team in 2013, as UK Operations Director, where she was instrumental in overseeing the overall growth of the company, before her promotion to Managing Director in 2018, prior to Edge Testing being acquired by Eurofins Digital Testing.

Edge Testing, part of Eurofins Digital Testing, originally launched the regional technology centre concept, which was the first of its kind in the UK, in Scotland in 2013. The second regional technology centre opened in Birmingham in 2018, based on the success of the first one, with a third opened in Manchester less than a year later. All three regional technology centres offer clients UK-wide an easily accessed remote testing service for their in-house applications and back office systems.

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