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From Developer to Engineer Update – March 2020

The Developer to Engineer pilot is now well underway with 20 developers from 18 different companies taking part.

Participants have gained soft skills in communication, teamwork and critical thinking and after only eight weeks, improvements are already showing in their workplaces.

One employer told us “As a result of the sessions we’ve noticed that our member of staff is able to talk about the work that he’s doing more clearly and he’s also become more confident.  This means that he’s able to contribute to meetings when he has something to say, resulting in his work becoming better and faster.”

The Digital Skills Partnership, with funding from Skills Development Scotland, created the Developer to Engineer programme because we know that the lack of experienced developers is now a major concern for many technology businesses.

The programme was designed in collaboration with industry to ensure that the sessions deliver the right blend of development most commonly needed by junior developers.

With six weeks left on the programme, our cohort will now look to further enhance their technical and soft skill levels through intensive work-based learning with our coaches.

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