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Gigged.AI x OpenAI: The Ultimate Tool For Defining Deliverables-Based Work

Gigged.AI, an AI-driven talent platform, has announced its integration with OpenAI’s Chat API, a powerful natural language processing technology that allows for seamless and efficient communication between clients and freelance tech talent.

The Gigged.AI platform is designed to help companies quickly hire on-demand tech talent and break down projects into manageable deliverables-based milestones. The most requested skills include UX Designers, Software Developers, and Data Engineers. With the integration of OpenAI’s Chat API, the platform is now able to provide even greater value to clients by improving how deliverables are defined within its SOW Creator.

This new feature allows clients to communicate more effectively with tech freelancers, resulting in better deliverables that meet their expectations. Clients can now use natural language to explain their needs, answer questions, and provide feedback, without any technical barriers. This means they can create better milestones, and ultimately, better results. This feature can also be added on request to the Internal Talent Marketplace product.

Gigged.AI CTO Craig Short added: “OpenAI’s Chat API is one of the most advanced natural language processing technologies on the market, and we’re excited to bring its capabilities to our platform. By using this technology, we’re confident that our clients will be able to work more efficiently, create better deliverables, and achieve their business goals faster. A huge well done to our product team for making this integration so seamless through the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.”

Gigged.AI is committed to continuously improving its platform to provide the best experience for clients and freelancers. This integration with OpenAI’s Chat API is a significant step forward in achieving that goal. The company is excited to see how clients will benefit from this new feature, and looks forward to working with them to achieve their goals. 

You can watch a short demo video here.

For further inquiries or questions, please contact Aimee McPherson, or try the platform at

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