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How Digital Growth will increase demand for Data Skills

This month’s blog from Head of Data, David, looks at recent growth within the fintech and space sectors, and how this will create greater demand for skilled data professionals.

The expansion and development of varied digital sectors within Scotland will have a direct impact upon the skills requirements across the wider economy. Whilst this will result, in the short term, in greater demand for skilled individuals from within the data sector, in the longer term, by creating increased opportunities, will increase the data skilled market within Scotland.

Fintech Scotland recently confirmed that the number of international fintech SMEs in the Scottish SME community has grown by over 40% in the past year. As this activity is around international organisations it may also bring additional inward skills development.

The recent Scotland Space Day at Expo 2020 in Dubai provided a fantastic opportunity to promote the rapidly growing Scottish space sector. The event also saw the virtual launch of the Scottish Space Strategy by Business Minister Ivan McKee. The Space strategy is aimed at creating a £4 Billion share of the global space market and create up to 20,000 jobs by 2030.

Chair of Space Scotland, Craig Clark commented: “We have a young, dynamic community of space companies and are ready to take Scotland to the next level.” Since 2016 the Scottish space sector has grown rapidly with the number of space related businesses increasing by more than 65%.

The recently published UK National Space Strategy pledged to increase the investment in science and technology research. Commitment for investment within these areas of high demand for data analytics and additional data skills will further help to develop and enhance the national skills base.

In the run up to COP26, the Forres based Space technology company Orbex has announced that it’s new Prime rocket could produce 96% less carbon during launch and might be “one of the most environmentally friendly orbital launch vehicles.” It is intended that launches will take place from the Sutherland Spaceport and significantly reduce the levels of emissions in comparison with a similarly sized launch vehicle using fossil fuels.

The growth of both the financial and space ecosystems in Scotland, being data rich sectors, offer exciting opportunities for engagement with established and emerging data organisations and further enhance the opportunities for careers in the sector.

On a scary note, and appropriate as Halloween approaches, Fortinet’s 2021 Ransomware Survey Report highlights a 1000% increase in the level of ransomware attacks between June 2020 and July 2021.

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