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IFB supports Cyber Scotland Week by providing free cyber security vulnerability checks to Scottish organisations

Aberdeen based IFB has unveiled a limited number of complimentary cyber security vulnerability checks – designed to help businesses clearly understand how to fix vulnerabilities in their digital infrastructure and systems.

IFB’s Threat Intelligence offering is part of a suite of security services the company delivers and is designed to provide an external and internal view of an organisation’s network and digital infrastructure. Scanning detects the status and condition of hardware and software, showing out-of-date versions, gaps in patching and updates as well as areas of misconfiguration, all of which can be exploited by potential hackers or cybercriminals.

Graeme Gordon, IFB’s CEO says: “While no organisation can be 100% secure, understanding the cyber risk and what your external and internal digital infrastructure looks like on a regular basis, means you can take action to reduce risks quickly and confidently. IFB’s Threat Intelligence provides clear and actionable intelligence for its customers in the form of a detailed digital report highlighting the risks, explaining what these mean and detailing how to fix any vulnerabilities and lessen the risks.”

Cyber security should be an obligation not just for technical staff and team members but at all levels including the board of any organisation. IFB has created a secure online dashboard with this in mind – to be easily customised for use by the technical teams responsible for fixing vulnerabilities and also in a key critical KPIs dashboard for senior management and board reporting – clearly emphasising the risk, remediation and actions required to keep a business secure.

Adopting Threat Intelligence has really accelerated IFB’s customers approach to better cyber security. Knowing what your digital environment looks like and understanding how to keep it secure has been a massive benefit to its customers, not just in normal and daily operations, but also when they have been looking to achieve and maintain security accreditations such as Cyber Essentials Plus.

To access the free external scan, companies are asked to register and complete a confidential security survey which helps them better prepare and understand their cyber security status by contacting IFB directly.

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