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Company Background

Name:  Graeme Gordon
Position: CEO
Company: IFB

Can you give us a little background on your company please?       

Starting out as an Internet Service Provider in 1996, we’ve built on an excellent reputation to become a recognised, innovative Solutions Provider for core business ICT infrastructure services.

Supporting over 900 clients across a number of sectors in UK and international markets, we provide a wide range of digital services from our Aberdeen Data Centre with additional points of presence in Edinburgh, London and Stavanger.

Tell us about a business challenge you have faced (new product designed/client challenge/etc)?

To take an International Oil & Gas client’s new platform in the North Sea from not even being connected – to being one of the most digitally advanced platforms in the world – by providing an efficient, cost effective solution which would allow it to operate more efficiently, maximise uptime and production whilst minimising risks and outages.

What was your solution?

Through a series of conversations and demonstrations, we proved that well-connected advanced technology and real-time information could be provided and could have a significant impact on how the client would run and operate the platform in the short, medium and long-term.

Tell us about the benefits of your solution to the initial problem?

The solution provided helped the client to meet its goals to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and reduce operating costs through the implementation of a number of immersive advanced technologies. The result is a significant annual saving for every year of operation in the platform’s life.

Why did you join ScotlandIS?

Every industry requires a strong trade body that promotes, develops and represents its members and interests, locally, nationally and internationally. At the same time, the Digital and tech sector’s trade body must work with the public sector to ensure that positive impact of the industry is known, understood and supported as a key economic driver and enabler. ScotlandIS does this.

What have you gained from being a ScotlandIS member?

IFB has grown and developed as a leading tech company here in Scotland where we service our local and international clients from. ScotlandIS has helped us to grow our relationships across suppliers, clients and supporters, as well as assisted us with maturing and scaling our thoughts and abilities as a company. At the same time, through being involved with ScotlandIS ecosystem we have realised that there is a lot gain from putting back in to the industry on many levels.

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