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Informed Solutions has announced its certification as a Great Place to Work. With an average 91% Trust Index survey rating, Informed Solutions employee recognition places it in the top tier of companies globally.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture and leadership behaviours. Its Trust Index© survey is taken by millions of employees annually, with certification marking of outstanding employee experience and recognising organisations as definitive employers of choice.

The Trust Index© survey involves an analysis into the culture and practices of an organisation, categorising employee responses based on 28 key values that represent a great place to work. These values include credibility, fairness, respect, camaraderie, honesty, integrity, competence, and leadership behaviour among others.

To become accredited, a 65% pass rate is required. Informed Solutions received an average performance rating of 91% including impressive values scores:

  • 98% Community: Our people consider there is a sense of family and team
  • 98% Fairness: Our People are treated equally
  • 93% Personal Job: Our people feel job satisfaction and individual contribution is valued
  • 95% Justice: Our people promote inclusive behaviour and discourage discrimination
  • 94% Camaraderie: Our people’s enjoyment of the workplace and collaboration culture
  • 93% Innovation: Our people’s ability to adapt and innovate, leading to strong belief in the company’s future prosperity
  • 92% Engagement: Our people give more of themselves, whilst seeing themselves as owners of the business
  • 92% Leadership Behaviour: Behaviour matches the company’s culture and values
  • 94% Credibility: Believable and trustworthy leadership
  • 94% Team: Our people’s pride in their teams and their accomplishments.

Overall index ratings highlight that Informed’s people believe they are well supported by colleagues and are able to express themselves freely. They are also willing to dedicate significant effort for the benefit of their teams and clients.  Additionally, a 90% index score for ‘Support’ indicates our people’s happiness and satisfaction regarding access to world class training and development opportunities throughout their career at Informed.

Informed Solutions UK CEO Seth Finegan comments: “We are delighted and proud to be a Great Place to Work Certified® company. Our people, culture, and behaviour are the cornerstones around which we continue to build an exciting, successful, and supportive environment for the very best talent. We believe that putting people first and providing the freedom for everyone at Informed to contribute in the best way that they can are vital ingredients of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling workplace. To receive such positive feedback from our people through a globally recognised Trust Index is hugely rewarding.

“Having a diverse, motivated, and happy team brings fresh perspectives and ideas that fuel our efforts to design and deliver pioneering digital services and platforms that improve our health, our environment, and our society. Through our continued growth we look forward to welcoming new staff who can share not only in our success but more importantly in the collaborative culture that has made us such a great place to work.”

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