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Innovation in Business Announces the Winners of the Technology Innovator Awards 2023, including membership body ScotlandIS

Innovation in Business is delighted to unveil the winners of this year’s Technology Innovator Awards, with ScotlandIS winning Best Digital Technology Membership Organisation 2023 – UK.

With such brilliant waves of innovation rippling through every industry, it’s always inspirational to take note of those acting as a leading light for a plethora of developments. From transformations, developments, and advancements to tangible structures for successful wealth and workforce management, and more, this year’s Technology Innovator Awards features an assortment of award-winning businesses which raise the bar within their respective industries.

With regards to the magnificence of our featured businesses, our Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson said: “I’m pleased to have worked with such a diverse selection of companies and individuals who each bring a high level of professionalism and trailblazing qualities to our Technology Innovator Awards 2023. Congratulations, your recognition is well-deserved and your future looks extremely bright.”

You can view the full list of winners here, and ScotlandIS winner’s listing here.

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