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Ionburst Cloud continues expansion into UK market with secure object storage platform

Ionburst, an advanced data protection startup, this week launched its ultra-secure object storage platform, Ionburst Cloud, in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) London region. 

The early-stage company, based in Edinburgh, has created a solution to address the data protection gap in the Cloud shared responsibility model.

Ionburst Cloud, born to make data privacy what its founders say is ‘a human right’, bakes security into the Cloud so that the high bar for protecting data on entry is removed for British businesses of all sizes.

The developer-first platform first unveiled on January 25 th this year in the Dublin AWS region. It claims to have had very promising initial traction in both the Technology and FinTech sectors, meeting stringent data privacy regulations like GDPR and the invalidation of the EU-US Data Privacy Shield, out of the box.

“We are proud to announce that we are expanding the Ionburst Cloud platform into the UK. Going live in the UK is another exciting step forward in our journey of providing data privacy compliance and protection as part of the Cloud. We believe making this part of the Cloud means that customers will never unexpectedly share data again. We are delighted to be able to offer this service to UK businesses from this week,” says Anne Lanc, former International Treasury Director of BlackRock.

To celebrate and mark its UK launch, Ionburst Cloud is simultaneously launching a 5GB free tier, to help startups and developers that would like to try it out.

“The sheer scale of the data leaks we’re continuing to see in the Cloud shows there’s a fundamental security gap. This issue isn’t just a concern for smaller businesses, or those without cloud security expertise. Larger, more technical organisations have also been on the receiving end of Cloud data exposure and storage misconfiguration.

We’ve built Ionburst Cloud to fill the missing data security need for organisations storing information in the Cloud, and to always keep it safe and protected.” Josh Fraser – Chief Cybersecurity Engineer.

Ionburst Cloud’s approach has been used by customers in the EU and proven at Cloud scale. “It is now available to try on the AWS Marketplace from the UK today, and is the first step toward establishing the Cloud we deserve.” says Ms Lanc, CEO (US) and CFO at Ionburst.

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