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IWD 2018 – Karen Meechan

Head of Operations, ScotlandIS the trade body for the tech sector in Scotland

Why do you love working in tech?

The tech sector is a great place to work, you learn new things on a daily basis, meet inspiring entrepreneurs who create things that change the way you live and you get to watch them up close grow their idea into successful businesses.

What gets me excited about the tech sector?

Everything, from the ideas our Young Software Engineer students come up with for their dissertations to the new products and services that are created, you hadn’t realised you’d needed but now can’t live without.  I’m in awe of the innovation and opportunities within the tech sector.

Where I see the next big thing?

With a sector like ours the next big thing is the norm within months, our industry moves so quickly, however AI is where I think we’ll see the biggest shift.  We use it already from Google organising our pictures by location, to Alexa working out what brands we want when we add soap powder to our shopping list.  I think this will grow hugely and everyone should be looking at how AI can enhance their products/services in every sector.

What makes the industry a good place for women?

There’s no glass ceiling in tech!  Ideas are key and they come from individuals and aren’t gender specific just like our sector.  We appreciate creativity, flexibility, collaboration, this sector doesn’t care for your gender it cares that you’re a team player with great ideas and you see the big picture you can reach the top of your game in the tech sector and will be helped along the way by your peers.

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