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January update from Katy on the goings on in ScotlandIS Data

Happy New Year! Keeping it short this time as a large chunk of last month was taken up with Christmas holidays. The run up to Christmas was a busy time with the launch of our capability directories and new website – to say nothing of nativity plays and present shopping.

In conjunction with the Mobility As A Service and cyber clusters, we held a December event on the role of data in fuelling the transport revolution. This was well attended by people from a range of backgrounds, from transport operators to mobility start-ups and included presentations on value of transport data and the need to include security in transport solution design from the start. The thinking generated in the roundtable sessions is now being written up into a report which will be available shortly.

I’ve spent some time working with SQA to produce a proposal for funding the learning materials needed to improve uptake of the new Data Science National Progression Awards. I’ve also been to meet the UK Geospatial Commission with the Scottish Government and several other Scottish partners, to describe the work we’re doing in setting up the data cluster, as a more specific focus on geospatial is considered.

At the end of January, we will be holding our Cyber and Data cluster launch event. All companies within the data cluster will be invited – invites pending, so watch this space.

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