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NatQuest and ARC_ESM Partner to Export Supply Chain Talent and Provide On-Demand Expertise

In a groundbreaking partnership, the Glasgow based supply chain technology company, NatQuest and Africa Resource Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management (ARC_ESM) have joined forces to address the global demand for skilled supply chain professionals and provide businesses with a cost-effective solution for accessing expertise on-demand basis.

The collaboration leverages the strengths of both organisations, with ARC_ESM’s renowned Center of Excellence (CoE) and Expert Pool platforms serving as a talent pool of certified supply chain professionals, and NatQuest’s SCM Genius Network offering a global on-demand expertise network for procurement and supply chain.

“This partnership represents a significant step towards exporting supply chain talent and enabling businesses to access expertise in a more efficient and cost-effective manner,” said Dr. Salisu Uba FCIPS, Founder and CEO of NatQuest. “By combining our resources, we can empower professionals worldwide while providing companies with a flexible and scalable solution for their supply chain needs.”

Through this collaboration, NatQuest will provide access to ARC_ESM’s certified procurement and supply chain professionals from its Expert Pool platform. These certified experts will be connected with business opportunities globally through NatQuest’s SCM Genius Network platform, enabling them to leverage their expertise and contribute to real-world projects worldwide.

“We are thrilled to partner with NatQuest and expand the reach of our certified supply chain professionals,” said Azuka Okeke, Chief Executive Officer of ARC_ESM. “This partnership allows us to export our talent globally, providing businesses with access to a pool of highly skilled and certified experts.”

NatQuest’s on-demand expertise network offers businesses a cost-effective solution for accessing supply chain expertise as needed, without the necessity of maintaining full-time staff. By tapping into this global network of certified professionals, companies can optimise their workforce utilisation and supply planning, ensuring they have the right expertise at the right time.

“Our collaboration with ARC_ESM enables us to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for their supply chain needs,” added Dr. Uba. “Whether it’s accessing expertise for a specific project or supplementing their existing workforce, our platform offers a flexible and scalable approach.”

The partnership between NatQuest and ARC_ESM represents a significant step towards addressing the global demand for supply chain talent and providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient model for accessing expertise on-demand. By leveraging their combined strengths, the two organisations are poised to revolutionise the supply chain industry and empower professionals and businesses worldwide.

For more information on how this partnership can benefit your organisation, visit the respective websites of NatQuest and ARC_ESM.

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