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New release of data platform SICCAR promises complete control and transparency of shared data

SICCAR is releasing a major new release of its acclaimed data sharing platform. The new release, built with distributed ledger technology, enables organisations to maintain complete control over data that is shared internally and externally. Scheduled to be released later this year, the platform is now available for early access.

SICCAR was founded in 2016 under the name Wallet.Services with the goal of creating a more secure, trustworthy, and reliable framework for the sharing of data between organisations. The SICCAR team has worked on various projects in public and private sector and has applied these years of experience to the new release, to solve common cross-sector data sharing challenges.

The upcoming SICCAR release takes a new approach to data sharing, based on advanced Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). SICCAR enables organisations to extend data policies to networking organisations, to ensure that shared data is valid, reliable, and secure. Wherever data collaboration is required between multiple departments or different organisations, SICCAR enables simple, secure, and tailored interactions.

Peter Ferry, CEO, explains: “Before SICCAR, there was no single trusted way to share data with other organisations. It was always a bit of a black hole, relying on mutual trust—but obviously systems, policies and people differ between organisations. This is where even with the best of intentions, errors can occur. We saw this issue in the many organisations we worked with over the years and decided to address it with distributed ledger technology, so unreliable data would be a thing from the past. 

Because SICCAR integrates with so many different infrastructures and software applications, it removes the headache of figuring out how to share data securely across organisations. We take care of the challenging technical aspect of enabling secure data sharing, so others can easily build digital solutions that rely on high-integrity data.”

Stuart Fraser, CTO, adds: “The novel thing about SICCAR is that we’ve taken concepts from blockchain and transferred these to a data sharing environment. In today’s world, data is a currency: it is one of the most valuable items an organisation holds. Modern organisations depend on reliable data to make effective business decisions. 

“Our platform takes away the pain of double-checking the validity of data, so organisations can always be sure that their data is valid throughout their internal and external network.” 

The SICCAR platform was designed to benefit organisations across a wide variety of sectors, from manufacturing and logistics to health and social care. Solutions that can be built with SICCAR include digital product passports, collaboration software, emission monitoring tools, data analysis dashboards, and many others. Those to whom the platform can provide benefits include large enterprise, government, software development companies and system integrators—the speed and simplicity of building an efficient and high-integrity data governance system with SICCAR means that trusted shared data can be used in little time.

In preparation of the release later this year, SICCAR has announced the foundation of an Early Adopters’ community. Interested organisations can register here.

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