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Principles of Sharing Personal Data

In this month’s blog, Head of Data David discusses some of the guidelines and challenges that accompany the sharing of personal data, and how these are being addressed.

Having recently attended the Unlocking Value of Public Sector Personal Data: Guiding Principles Design Webinar it was fascinating to see the work that has been done so far in considering the challenges to be addressed in creating a legal, ethical, diverse, unbiased, and transparent framework for sharing public sector personal data to bring identifiable benefits across the population. It will be interesting to watch how specific topics are addressed and managed to ensure that subsequent analytics are properly representative of the data sets involved and how these are extrapolated across wider sectors.

The delivery of an effective framework for best practice and the associated guiding principles will be critical for developing on-going engagement within the public sector and provide a baseline for how the private sector can encourage data sharing moving forward.

One point of interest within the discussions resided around individuals having access to their own data prior to agreeing to the sharing of their data. If data sharing is to be optimised, the individual will need to better understand how the data is being shared, and for what purposes. The communication of such details will require on-going feedback to the individual, however, a major issue with the provision of feedback lies in reliance upon access to the appropriate platform without which the data set will become biased.

I will update on future development of the guidelines.

If you are working in Big Data applications or AI and are interested in profiling to international markets please contact me at to discuss.

On a separate topic I’m delighted to announce the re-launch of in person events for the North East Data meetup run in conjunction between ScotlandIS, Opportunity North East, The Datalab and Code the City. The next event will take place at the ONE Hub in Aberdeen on 13th September. Details can be found here.

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