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Save the Date – DataFest 2021

DataFest, brought to you by The Data Lab, is returning for 2021 and kicks off on the 25th of March with a free virtual launch, including a keynote talk from a very special guest speaker.

DataFest 2021 will feature events throughout the year, running from March to November, that will showcase some of the most innovative ideas, businesses and people in Scotland’s data and AI landscape.

Last year, the theme was “Beyond Data” – shining a light on the impact data can have in people’s lives. This year, we are focusing on all of us – a community who collect, create, and use our data for good.

Throughout 2021 we will be exploring the theme of #OurData and the impact data has on people’s lives in the 21st Century. We’ll be tackling the big questions from the perspectives of #OurPlanet – covering the environment and climate change; #OurPeople – which covers all things social, including health and wellbeing; and #OurFuture – exploring the companies and technologies that will shape the decades to come.

Like many others, we’re taking our events online this year and working hard to make sure they’re as fascinating and engaging as our previous festivals. We’re adapting our usual themes – DataTalent and DataTech – to an online audience, plus we’re adding a brand new video element, DataStories, which will showcase some inspirational and innovative examples of using data for good, and DataTalk, a series of talks from industry professionals.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in data; its influence over and importance to decision making and policy are growing day by day. We currently have a wide range of sponsorship packages available – if your business or organisation wants unparalleled exposure to the cutting edge of Scotland’s data and AI community don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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