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ScotlandIS response to the Government Cyber Security Strategy

ScotlandIS Cyber is delighted to see the UK government’s strong focus on cyber resilience with the launch of the Government Cyber Security Strategy.

Following the National Cyber Strategy (launched in December 2021) which seeks to firmly establish the UK as a leading democratic and responsible cyber power, the Government Cyber Security Strategy seeks to ensure that core government functions are resilient to cyber attack, strengthening the UK as a sovereign nation and cementing its authority as a democratic and responsible cyber power. 

With a clear focus on an integrated approach through their ‘Defend as One’ strategy, the intention is to deliver much better coordination across the many public sector organisations and the wider supply chains that work directly with the UK Government.

ScotlandIS will continue to work with and support the Scottish Government Cyber Resilience team, whose Cyber Resilience Strategic Framework was launched in early 2021, and will also support the UK National and Government Strategies through our work with DCMS, NCSC, DIT, and other government agencies.

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