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Scottish clean energy technology company hails pioneering India power project

Global energy consultants Enzen and Glasgow clean energy tech company Smarter Grid Solutions have been awarded India’s first Active Network Management (ANM) contract.

The award to manage what was described as one of the largest and most diverse renewable resources across its transmission network was made by power companyTantransco. With the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu having a high penetration of wind and solar renewables, Tantransco intends roll out a pilot for the implementation of an ANM system across its transmission network to boost renewable energy.

ANM is a key component for a “smart grid” and manages existing and new flexible network-connected devices autonomously to increase the overall grid stability and reduce operational and new infrastructure costs without breaching operational limits.

As a result, it is expected the solution will enable Tantransco to manage network constraints by actively managing renewable generators in real time. The ANM-based systems work by measuring the status of each of the key transmission circuits to identify if their operational limits are being approached.

The benefits of ANM arise from quicker timelines to connect renewables to the grid, lower costs for grid upgrades and a technology platform that can also support other elements of the clean energy transition, such as flexibility services, battery energy storage, electric vehicle smart charging and low carbon heating and cooling.

Alan Gooding, of SGS, said: “We are delighted to contribute to this ground-breaking development in India’s power grid. The prize of low cost, quicker and more flexible renewable generation connections and operation will further advance India’s clean energy goals

“Our ANM products are already proven in highly demanding applications in the UK and US, providing a secure means of extending renewable hosting capacity and enhancing grid modernisation, decarbonisation and flexibility. We look forward to playing our role in the energy transition in India with our valued partner, Enzen, and with forward looking customers such as Tantransco.”

Source: The Herald

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