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SmartSTEMs: Seeking role models in tech to inspire young people

STEM education is more important than it has ever been.

The team at SmartSTEMs are determined to continue to promote STEM, and have shifted their focus, in the meantime, to online content rather than in-person events. They have now reached over 100 schools and 5000 young people with their virtual events.

SmartSTEMs are now looking for some help in getting more amazing role models to create videos for their #MyJob #MyJourney campaign.

They are creating a series of online resources which will be freely available to young people and their families via accessible links.  This will create a repository of inspirational short videos about STEM careers. They would love for volunteers from the tech industry to film one or two short videos of 5 – 10 minutes about the following:

  • My Job – Tell us about the job you do today
  • My Journey –  Tell us how you got there

Help SmartSTEMs to shape the tech minds of future generations – find out more and submit a video here.

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