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Telecoms advisor celebrates 5G tourism commission

Telecoms expert and smart city advisor, Intelligens Consulting, is celebrating a new commission on 5G and tourism.

The commission is to support an established client (a UK local authority) to support its ambitions to stimulate and accelerate the rollout of 5G connectivity across its city.

Intelligens Consulting’s client successfully secured capital funding from the UK Government’s Towns Fund. Part of that fund will now be used to accelerate the rollout of 5G connectivity.

The capital will be used to identify and implement an anchor 5G use case based on tourism to unlock and accelerate investment in 5G.

Iqbal Bedi, Consulting Director at Intelligens Consulting said, “Last year, through extensive market and client engagement we determined that 5G could play a vital role in supporting the tourism sector kick starting the economy, post Covid-19.”

The use case will build upon the findings of 5G pilots funded by the department for Digital Communications Media and Sport (DCMS) under its 5G Test Beds and Trials project and will draw upon 5G tourism projects in parts of Asia where 5G rollouts and use cases are more established.

Bedi said, “Unless there is a good reason, there is no point in reinvesting the wheel.” He continued and pointed out examples of how 5G can be used in tourism, “By using augmented reality (AR) we can bring historic places alive digitally thereby providing a truly immersive visitor experience.”

Other examples that will be considered will include deploying autonomous pods to transport tourists to hotspots in an environmentally friendly mode of transport for example.

This project seals Intelligens Consulting’s position as a true leader and innovator in 5G. Intelligens Consulting encourages local authorities and tourism related organisations to get in touch with them if they wish to understand any aspect of this commission in more detail and to learn how they could benefit from 5G.

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