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The Importance of Digital Transformation

Gary Montgomery, CEO at Agenor Technology explains why Digital Transformation is increasingly important for delivering company strategic Vision and Objectives.

Agenor Technology works with clients across various sectors to support their strategy of achieving the best Digital Transformation outcomes.

New and evolving technologies are critical, enabling organisations to supply the quality services that customers and employees expect. Technology is interwoven into all areas of their operations leading to increased collaboration, innovation and productivity. Embracing developments in Technology is vital to enabling growth. 

Modern Working Arrangements

Hybrid working is emerging as a dominant working pattern. This has pushed organisations to revaluate their approach to on-site working, with few companies now mandating that roles need to be performed on-site unless absolutely necessary.

Technology is the key enabler here, giving organisations the ability to work, communicate and collaborate remotely. Digital Transformation also provides an opportunity for core functions like Finance, HR and Legal to transition away from manual processes and automate operations.

Legacy Systems Transition

Modern Cloud Technologies provide secure and scalable environments to replace legacy systems and processes, which are harder to support and put a strain on internal departments. This can include on-premises infrastructure and applications, as well as paper systems that can be replaced by Digitised operations.

Companies today have the potential to access a greater volume of data than before, related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Using this data by embedding analytical tools within their operations can provide huge benefits to organisations.

Increased Expectations

Customers and staff both expect the same kind of experience in a professional environment that they have in their personal lives. This presents more options for companies to consider, both in how and where to deliver Technology, and who to partner with for the delivery of these services. User experience is critical, with easy to use and intuitive systems expected by consumers.

Strategic Security Considerations

The complexities of modern Technology environments mean that a focus on Security is needed, with controls on access, data compliance and protection from external attacks. It is essential that companies implement a Security strategy across all networks, applications and data, wherever those services are provided from.

Reliance on Partners

In the evolving Technology environment, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on each other, with suppliers, distributors and specialised consultants supplying a diverse range of products and services. 

Internal IT Departments are changing focus in managing the services that other companies provide rather than trying to do everything themselves. Embracing Digital Transformation integrates the organisation with Technology, making it easier for the company to work with partners and suppliers. Internal processes can become more efficient and flexible, with the ability to scale.


There are many ways that companies can benefit from Digital Transformation. These can seem overwhelming without guidance on what to focus on and how to align Digital goals with the company strategy. 

Agenor Technology provides a Digital Health Check to those who need this support and guidance. Please get in touch with us if you think this is something we could help you with.

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