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The S5GConnect Programme

The Scotland 5G Centre has launched a new initiative to establish a series of S5GConnect Hubs across the country, promoting innovation and investment in sectors and regions that can be transformed through 5G.

The Scotland 5G Centre is here to accelerate the deployment and adoption of 5G infrastructure and services, realising its economic and societal potential for Scotland.

The S5GConnect programme is the next stage in delivering the Scottish Government’s 5G Strategy. Our network of Hubs will help to establish Scotland as a leading 5G nation, providing a platform for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), entrepreneurs, and corporates to explore the ways enhanced connectivity could benefit them.

The S5GConnect Hubs

The Hubs will think nationally but act locally, working in tandem with Scotland’s established network of development agencies, innovation centres and technology accelerators. Set up in locations across Scotland, the Hubs will build on existing relationships and a local understanding of businesses’ needs and goals.

Our aim is to create:

  • 5G commercial networks: We will work with at least one mobile operator at each S5GConnect Hub, accelerating the commercial network in the region.
  • Private 5G networks: Each S5GConnect Hub will have access to a private network, which has capabilities extending beyond what is available on the commercial network.
  • Sector relevant use cases: Each S5GConnect Hub will be deployed within an accelerator facility or initiative. This means we can explore sector relevant use cases and build awareness and engagement among existing networks and communities.
  • Mentoring schemes: Businesses will have access to professional support and mentoring through each of our Hubs.

Each Hub will be geared towards the opportunities and needs of some of Scotland’s key sectors, including food and drink, tourism, energy, creative industries, financial services and life sciences and healthcare.

“Through the S5GConnect Programme we hope to enable significant economic development across Scotland, with our network of hubs helping to build valuable relationships between network operators and business users. As a nation, the success we make of 5G will ultimately depend on collaboration between entrepreneurs, the public sector, SMEs and industry.”
Paul Coffey, CEO of The Scotland 5G Centre

Engaging with SMEs

By accessing the S5GConnect Hubs, businesses and entrepreneurs can start to realise the potential of new 5G technology.

In Scotland, SMEs provide an estimated 1.2 million jobs and account for around 99% of private sector organisations. Our Hubs will help these SMEs to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the transformational capability of 5G, through real-life use cases
  • Learn from the experts, through our programme of one-to-one support
  • Accelerate time to market through the 5G Innovation Platform to develop, prototype, test and demonstrate new products and services on a standards-based 5G eco-system
  • Connect with new partners, potential customers, and business services

The S5GConnect Hubs will not only help to boost connectivity but will be a focal point for businesses and individuals looking to develop skills, explore a variety of use cases and access a demonstration and development environment.

If you would like to get involved with an S5GConnect Hub or find out more about the programme in general, please fill in the form on the Scotland 5G Centre website.

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