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The XFS4IoT spec is ready – a huge moment for the global ATM industry

The Global CEN XFS Committee has released the official version of XFS4IoT to the European CEN
organization for publication.

The latest API standard for ATMs promises to propel the industry forward with cloud-native
solutions, built-in security, and enhanced flexibility in an IoT era. All in all, it is set to revolutionize
the ATM world.

The official specification 2021-1 release candidate is publicly available already for preview on Github
prior to final publication by CEN.

This marks a significant milestone for the “XFS4IoT SP-Dev” workgroup, led by KAL, in its’ mission to
create an Open Source framework that is freely available for anyone in the industry to use.

The framework has now been updated to support the published version of XFS4IoT. You can access
these resources via KAL’s public GitHub repository.

KAL would like to acknowledge the outstanding input received in the workgroup over the past
year – both from forward-thinking industry peers and their own expert colleagues.

The company begins 2022 with a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation for the future of the ATM
industry. Their next XFS4IoT SP-Dev workgroup meeting will take place on the 1st February 2022. To
join the workgroup, please get in touch.

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