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UK Cyber Security Mission to Jordan – AI and Cybersecurity Conference

This is an opportunity to join a mission to Jordan for its second Artificial Intelligence in Defence Technologies and Cyber Security Exhibition and Conference [AIDTSEC 2023], taking place on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 September 2023 at the King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre, Dead Sea.  

It’s not just cyber, there is also autonomous systems and vehicles, military AI and digital transformation.

Tentative Programme
Department for Business and Trade have an opportunity for British companies to present their capabilities in 3 or 4 slides to a group of Jordanians working in the Cyber Security Sector.  The opportunity for one-to-one meetings will be open for Jordanians and guests from the Middle East region attending the event.  There is also the possibility of a UK Ambassador reception, but AIDTSEC might be organising other networking events.

Jordan is a small market relatively speaking but has high political weight in the region. Jordan launched its National Cyber Security Centre around four years ago, and is keen to learn about the UK capabilities and technologies in Cyber Security.  According to annual 2022 statistics published by the Anti-Cybercrime Unit of Jordan’s Public Security Department [PSD], Anti-Cybercrime unit cases have doubled six times since 2015 (1320 registered cases in 2015 vs 16027 registered cases in 2022). This includes 1285 cases of electronic extortion and 3769 cases of defamation, slander and contempt through websites, pages, and applications, in addition to 1000 electronic data theft cases in 2022, 3466 online threat cases and 2115 electronic hacking cases.

UK Delegate Expenses – cost of flight, visa [upon arrival], accommodation expected rate £100 per night and meals [if not offered].

If you are interested in joining, please register your interest with by Monday 24 July.

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