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UK National Data Strategy

Last week, the UK Government published a National Data Strategy. There is now a consultation on this strategy which is open until December 2020. 

Underpinning the strategy are four foundational pillars. These are:

  • Data foundations – ensuring data standards, quality, interoperability and accessibility 
  • Data skills – teaching of a wide range of data skills needs to be embedded in the education system and in lifelong learning opportunities
  • Data availability – encouraging access to and sharing of data between organisations
  • Responsible data – ensuring data is used lawfully, securely and ethically 

Together, these pillars aim to promote data-driven innovation. 

The strategy notes the significant opportunities for data to boost productivity and trade, support the development of new businesses and jobs and increase the efficiency and scope of scientific research. In addition, better use of data can support better delivery of public services and create a fairer society for all. 

The strategy has core 5 missions:

  • Unlocking the value of data across the economy
  • Securing a pro-growth and trusted data regime
  • Transforming government’s use of data to drive efficiency and improve public services
  • Ensuring the security and resilience of the infrastructure on which data relies
  • Championing the international flow of data

ScotlandIS welcomes the publication of this strategy and its emphasis on driving economic growth through better use of data. The limitations smaller companies may face in terms of not having the same access to data as bigger companies are recognised within the strategy. The current political situation with the end of the transition agreement approaching and ongoing trade negotiations taking place, presents both issues and potentially new opportunities.

Realising the ambition in the strategy will require resolution of many complex issues and we look forward to understanding and supporting some of the interventions and activities needed to execute.  

Details of the full strategy can be found here. ScotlandIS are currently considering a consultation response. If you would like to contribute to that, or plan to respond individually, we’d love to hear about it. Contact

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