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Upskill with the fully-funded Digital Pilot License

What is the Digital Pilot Licence (DPL)?

Career opportunities, internally and externally, in Data and Digital are growing at an exceptional rate
and increasingly employers are seeking candidates who can evidence knowledge.

The DPL takes you on a holistic journey showing the relationships and linkages of data, digital and

Are you looking to progress in your current role?
Or move to the next one?

The DPL is a short, intensive qualification that will complement and add to your existing transferable
digital skills.

The ground-breaking DPL is a complete overview of all the skills you need to succeed going forward.

Covering the Digital Marketplace, Driving Value from Data, Climate Solutions, Wellbeing, and Business Blockchain.

Delivered fully online, 24 X7, to study when you want to, complete with support, mentoring and virtual group sessions, and it takes approximately 14 weeks to complete.

On completion, you will receive an SQA Certificate for SCQF Level 7 with up to 26 credits, with additional
Certificates from the University of Stirling and Edinburgh, Edinburgh Business School, RSGS, IOD.

Who will benefit from the DPL?

You will already have transferable digital technology skills and require short, intensive, immersive learning to
enable you to progress in employment in professional digital or management role.

It’s more critical than ever to upskill in a digital and data while gaining confidence to engage with the
environment and new working practices we will live with in the future.

If you have previous experience or qualifications in the Tech and Digital sectors, and you feel you meet the
eligibility to be enrolled on the DPL, it could change your career options. By achieving the DPL, we can
provide pathways to potential future job prospects in a career that supports your skills and aspirations.

What will you learn?

The Digital Marketplace:

A holistic journey through the life of a modern marketer covering digital marketing
fundamentals including (but not limited to): Digital Marketing Research, Authority,
Influence, Social Media, Marketing, Routes to Marketplace, SEO, and more.

Driving Value from Data

In the changing world of work, Data is becoming more important….once you have
completed this course you will have the knowledge and confidence to make an impact.

Climate Solutions

A simple and quick way to gain a significant understanding of one of the most important
issues of our generation: climate change. It will help prepare individuals and
organisations for this transformation and outline where the opportunities lie.


Health & Wellbeing is hugely important in society as a whole, it will provide practical
solutions to improve workplace/flexible wellbeing.

Business Blockchain

A very different type of database technology; leading-edge education and not available
anywhere else. Combining a deeper understanding of key Blockchain features and a
value-focused approach to strategy will improve confidence in decision-making.

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