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Award winning telecoms expert encourages ISPs to get involved in Project Gigabit to improve financial performance

Award winning telecoms advisor Intelligens Consulting is encouraging internet service providers (ISPs) to participate in the UK Government’s ‘Project Gigabit’ as a way of enhancing their financial performance.

The Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) pledged GBP 5 billion of grant funding (through Project Gigabit) to be awarded to ISPs ‘to make gigabit broadband available nationwide by 2030’.

Grants will be awarded to ISPs through a competitive process.

Iqbal Singh Bedi, Founder and Consulting Director of Intelligens Consulting said, “The bid process can be resource intensive and complex, and some ISPs might wonder whether it’s all worth it. However, our experience shows the financial benefits of participating in the scheme far outweigh the costs.”

Earlier this year, Intelligens Consulting supported a rural wireless ISP with their Project Gigabit bid. Based on that experience they have shared a worked example of the financial benefits of participating in Project Gigabit and its benefit to shareholders.

Telecoms expert Bedi states, “Our analysis shows that Project Gigabit can significantly reduce the capital investment required to build networks, increase returns for investors, fast-track positive cashflow, and most importantly for shareholders, it can significantly enhance the company valuation.”

Intelligens Consulting’s latest article explains these and other benefits of participating in Project Gigabit to ISPs in more detail here.

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