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CAS Digital Transformation 2020

Citizens Advice Scotland is looking for a partner to help design and build the next stage of our digital transformation programme, the creation of a new public facing advice site for Scotland as well as an internal interface for our advisers.

This tender seeks a partner to work with us to create two new national interfaces, to link to our new Contentful CMS product and allow us to present our information to advisers and the public in a way that best suits their individual needs. As a charity in receipt of public sector funding, value for money will be important for us and we will need to balance this with our desire to provide the best service possible to citizens.

The successful bidder will design and build a new public facing advice site for Scotland which provides access to high quality advice to people where and when they need it. 

We want people to be able to find the advice that they need quickly and easily and their journey to finding they information to be simple and intuitive.  We want people to come away from our site with their problem solved or to be introduced seamlessly to the next steps  on their advice journey, whether that be that our web chat, telephony or face to face services.

Given the diverse nature of our client group and our desire to help everyone in communities to find the advice they need, our site will need to meet the highest standards of accessibility.

The project should also design and build a new interface for our advisers which allows them to search for the advice that people need in a way that works for all of our advisers. It must also ensure that important links between different types of advice and issues are easy to navigate, leaving more time for our advisers to deal with the person and their wider needs. 

Successful bidders will need to work with key stakeholders including our network, our clients and members of the public who do not access our services to ensure that our public facing and adviser facing front ends are best in class. 

Our sister agency, Citizens Advice England and Wales who currently operate the national public facing advise site and adviser interface will also be a key stakeholder.   

If you have experience of building websites and understand the complexity of client journeys and you want to help us to help people find the advice they need then you can request the full Invitation to tender document from

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