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Data within Space

In this latest blog from our Head of Data, David looks at the advances of the space sector in Scotland, and how space-derived data can help on the journey to achieve net zero targets.

The recent rocket launch from Benbecula Airport marked another significant step in the development of launch facilities within Scotland. In conjunction with the development of spaceports in Sutherland and on Shetland the establishment of multiple launch facilities will bring significant economic growth to the rural communities in which they are located. The availability of small rocket launch facilities will help to significantly reduce the financial barriers to entry for organisation within the space sector and in doing so enable the increased availability of space data. We are already seeing a number of Scottish businesses providing output from space derived data. Enabling services from Nature based solutions to climate change to supply chain monitoring and smart contracting solutions from companies such as Ecometrica, Space Intelligence and Trade in Space as examples.

Ease of access to valuable datasets will lead to increased opportunities for new start-up organisations within the sector to develop applications with global relevance. Having a network of spaceports further enhances Scotlands’ international reputation for the provision of space related services and is one of the final components in being able to provide an end to end space sector.

As Scotland focusses on achieving its net zero goals the ability to carry out environmental monitoring and map the progress will become an increasingly valuable tool in achieving the required targets.

Effective delivery of complex services such as those provided in the space sector are based upon the quality and resilience of the supply chain. To create resilient organisations it is critical to understand the potential risks residing within their supply chain and have in place suitable and appropriate mitigation.

It is interesting to watch the development of the new data protection regulations within China and particularly in light of the fact that one of the potential penalties for lack of compliance can be business suspension. This raises the question around fully understanding the regulatory compliance within a supply chain and the potential impact of non-compliance. As supply chains can cross many international borders identifying all risks can be complex and time consuming but ultimately necessary for the resilience of a business and sector.

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