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Finding the Truth and Power in Data

Data may be the new oil, but it needs an engine to become fuel. Many organizations find themselves lost at sea and buffeted by winds of uncertainty. They ride on an ocean of data but lack the capabilities to turn it into value.

Data-driven insight, however, enables organizations to innovate, compete and achieve their business goals. Ultimately, it’s not the data you have, but how you use it that counts.

Here are just some of the ways the Oracle Cloud and the Oracle Autonomous Database are being used by organizations today to understand their data and unlock the power within it:

Uncharted Waters

Next month, six teams representing six nations will embark on the UK leg of the innovative SailGP boat race. During the race, 1,200 sensors attached to the boat and crew members of each team will stream up to 45 megabytes of data to an Oracle Exadata machine, before it is uploaded to Oracle Cloud for analysis.

This data serves many valuable functions. It is streamed to the sailing teams, giving them valuable insight into sailing conditions. With information on wind speed, wave height, and crew vitals, teams can react to improve performance. This data will also be streamed to the audience to enrich their experience.

SailGP encapsulates the power of data in the enterprise. On the day, each team will face great adversity in the same way businesses face the vast complexity of the market. Yet data helps them overcome, giving them the insight to fight on and win.

We’re already looking at further ways to leverage the SailGP data collected. If you think you know all data has to offer, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Survive and Thrive in the Smart Hive

Bees are key to our survival as a species, but their numbers are in decline and for reasons unknown. Yet it’s impossible to take action without first understanding what the challenge is and how to solve it.

To discover this, Oracle is collaborating with the World Bee Project to create the world’s first network of connected hives. Data collected from ‘The World Bee Project Hive Network’ is fed into Oracle’s Cloud, which uses AI and data visualization to offer new insights into the relationship between bees and their environment.

Using data on temperature, humidity and honey yield, researchers can closely monitor bee colonies and protect them. Over time, the project will reveal the conditions needed for successful colonies. These can then be emulated in other hives across the world, stemming the species’ decline.

Insight Is Power

Scientists at CERN are quite literally trying to understand the universe. Since 2008, the organization has been analyzing masses of data from the world’s largest particle accelerator to deepen our understanding of physics.

Yet these efforts don’t exist in a vacuum. The project receives $1.1 billion from 22 states, but it soon may not be enough to provide the storage and computational power needed as the volume of data continues to grow.

As a result, the power of the cloud has become vital. Success depends on the efficiency and protection of CERN’s physical and data assets. That’s why the team is using the Oracle Big Data Discovery platform to analyze technical engineering information produced by its 50,000 sensors and metering devices.

With this insight, CERN can work out what technical and infrastructural investments would deliver the best outcomes. In time, its IT infrastructure will become more scalable, secure, and economical.

With the right technologies, data can help us answer some of our most profound questions and businesses challenges. The potential of data to solve problems and deliver competitive advantage is limitless.

We are hosting our “Oracle Future Ready Data Management” event on the 25th September in Linlithgow, find out more here 

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