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Fundamentals of Computing Cohort 1

Fundamentals of Computing Cohort 1

Our first group of graduates have completed the Fundamentals of Computing, and are currently seeking entry-level employment to continue to build their career path into the tech sector.

The 10-week remote learning opportunity has provided our graduates with an SCQF Level 6 qualification and three Microsoft Accredited courses that map to vendor courses. 

They have been taken through an intensive training programme covering security, network and server fundamentals.

Security Fundamentals 

Security Fundamentals introduces candidates to fundamental approaches to security in modern computing environments. It looks at layers of security and how to secure operating systems, and also looks at methods of applying security in computer networks and using software to secure systems.

Network Fundamentals 

Network Fundamentals introduces candidates to the theory of modern computer networks. Candidates are introduced to the basic concepts of computer networking such as the different types of networks, network devices and network media. It also covers the theory which underpins the way data is transferred over a computer network and the use of the network protocols and network utilities in that data transfer.

Server Fundamentals

Server Fundamentals introduces approaches to server administration in modern computing environments. It covers the role of servers and how they support users and computer management, server installations, storage solutions and performance and maintenance.

All graduates are skilled in remote working and training, having successfully completed the course during lockdown.

You can find out more about our graduates, their diverse backgrounds and the skills they’ve obtained in this process by taking a look at their case studies below.

Peter had some basic IT knowledge going into the course and is passionate about technology and its role in our future. The course has allowed him to expand his skills during lockdown, giving him the confidence to pursue a career as an IT technician or engineer.

Robert Shearer is seeking to develop his career in computing with a support or deployment role in Aberdeen or the West of Scotland, having gained a footing in the technical aspects of IT thanks to the course.

With some previous experience in the tech sector, Gary Collins was able to establish real skills and achieve a qualification that he hopes will pave the way to a position covering helpdesk support, sys admin, troubleshooting and customer care.

For Stephens Burns, the course unlocked a keen interest in security of technology, and he is now looking for a traineeship in cyber security to pursue this path.

John Brown was able to make the most of the flexibility of the course and the instructive content provided. With his new qualification, he seeks an entry-level role that can be flexible around his health issues.

The flexibility of the course allowed Nazia Asif to develop her skill set at her own pace around the daily demands in her life, and is now looking for a challenging role in computing.

For Joelle Horan, the course course helped to expand her knowledge and set her on a search for a career in IT, such as a member of an IT helpdesk.

Dougie Mackintosh thoroughly recommends the course for gaining transferable skills and knowledge with a recognised qualification, that will help him forge a career as a computer technician.

The course allowed Mark Langley to update and expand on already established knowledge, and he now looks to return from a career break with an understanding of a modern IT environment alongside his previous experience.

Keir Hardie acquired new-found IT knowledge and the course and support from ScotlandIS helped him improve his methods of self-study.

For Pamela Smith, the course renewed her love of technology and has set her sights on a career path into security and networking.

Our final graduate recommends the course for the in-depth materials that gave him a deeper understanding of IT networking and security and gave him the confidence and preparation to look for an entry level computing role from which his career can progress further.

If you are considering hiring or are currently recruiting for an entry level IT role that you think our candidates could fill, please get in touch with

There are no recruitment costs to hire our graduates.

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