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IWD2018 – Frances Sneddon

CTO at SIMUL8 Corporation, an SME who specializes in simulation software letting you test business decisions before implementing them.

Why do you love working in tech?

We’re changing the world! It’s fast paced, always evolving so I’m always learning, and doing things that are transforming our world for the better. It’s a problem solvers dream world!

What makes you excited in our industry?

Seeing how tech is now embedded everywhere. From hospitals to our homes, tech has grown far beyond games and is changing lives for the better. Particularly medtech gets me really excited, it is touching individuals and transforming their quality of life.Where do you see the next big things?

It’s the merge point of software, smart devices, AI, and where they move from telling us what is happening now, to begin predicting for us what’s likely to happen and helping us take the right action in advance.

What makes the industry a good place for women?

The fact that I’m a women is never a consideration. In this sector I am valued for how robust my code is, how well I project manage, how creative my solutions are to new challenges and how well I adapt and keep us current in an ever changing technical landscape. I am just the CTO of SIMUL8 Corporation, who happens to be a women. 

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