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KAL to license ground-breaking new ATM hypervisor technology to banks, partners and competitors

KAL has announced that it is making its OS-Virtualization technology available to all interested parties – including KAL’s customers, partners and competitors.

Our customers can now license this innovative technology directly from KAL. Additionally, we are making an OEM version available to all software and hardware vendors so this new technology is accessible to the entire ATM industry.

We believe that widespread adoption of this technology will benefit everyone.

KAL CEO Aravinda Korala explains: “OS-Virtualization significantly relieves the pressure of regularly updating ATM motherboards to support new versions of Microsoft Windows. This means that, for the first time, banks can control how and when they upgrade their hardware and freely adopt new versions of Microsoft’s OS as they become available.”

Click here to view the full hypervisor presentation given by KAL at RBR Self-Service Banking Europe.

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