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The Art of Education

Upskilling is probably one of the most important elements to tech professionals today. Gone are the days when you could work in a role for a period of time, gain gradual experience, learn as you go, and then move up to the next level to apply what you’d learned.  

In technology, a constant refresh is required. 

With new tech, applications, programming languages, systems and more evolving all the time, which require use in your daily work, it’s essential to be continually educating yourself on the latest developments. 

According to a McKinsey survey from 2020, half of those who expected skill gaps in the years ahead said skill building would be the most effective action for their organisations to take. 

As such, it’s now common as a requirement by your employer; complete a number of upskilling or refresher sessions per month, quarter, year. 

Our ScotSoft conference each year is a hotbed of innovative thinking, unique insights, and deliberating new trends. We take some of the most talented local and international tech and leadership masterminds, and gather them in Edinburgh to impart their knowledge and provoke thought amongst Scotland’s thriving technology companies.  

As a result, ScotSoft has now been accredited as a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event.

This means that delegates will be able to receive up to 5 hours of CPD points by attending the conference. 

Digital professionals of all levels – no matter your niche – will be able to enjoy talks on AI, risk and governance, programming, ethical hacking, gaming, cloud infrastructure, recruiting, and more, and receive CPD qualification at the end of it. 

Continuous learning is an art, and it’s something that generally our industry is very good at. Learning and evolving is at the heart of technology, its core, its reason for existence. At ScotSoft, this is what we celebrate. 

If you haven’t got your tickets for ScotSoft on 28th September in Edinburgh, you can book them now here
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