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Why you won’t want to miss ScotSoft 2023

We’re mixing things up this year at ScotSoft, combining our developer and leadership sessions into one, full-day conference. We’re bringing together technical excellence and leadership vision to create a truly inspiring event for everyone. There will be keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and lots of networking opportunities. 

During this conference you will: 

  • Connect with peers and industry leaders to develop your network
  • Discover new business and career opportunities
  • Learn about new and emerging trends from trusted industry leaders, academics and futurists capable of forecasting the coming year
  • Be inspired by a range of fantastic speakers

Here’s a flavour of who you’ll hear from at ScotSoft 2023 

  • Meet David Jones, the Grand Theft Auto Giant! David will be talking about Gaming and the Metaverse, The Chicken or the Egg? He will be focusing on current trends in gaming, and how they will (or will not) help drive and define the ‘Metaverse’. It will also look at issues around centralisation/decentralisation in these contexts, leading into web3. 
  • Meet The “Chuck Norris” of programming and software engineer at Google, Jon Skeet. He is the No 1 answerer to programming questions asked on StackOverflow. 
  • Discover how cybersecurity is a financial sustainability risk to the business and the economy, as well as how it ties into ESG.
  • Can AI be the cure? While AI can give exciting and groundbreaking opportunities to the medical industry there are still many challenges to be solved. How could you help? 
  • A live chat with ChatGPT. Literally! See this fascinating one-on-one chat with the famous conversational agent. How much should we trust its content?  
  • Discover more about cloud security and threat modelling and how to integrate it into your business. 

This is a great opportunity for you to bring back new ideas, strategies and methods that will ultimately benefit your organisation. Share key takeaways, including practices that you can start to implement immediately. 

Visit the website to see the full agenda and book tickets for ScotSoft 2023.

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